Trans-Boundary Indigenous Waters Program; Native American philosophies of environmental stewardship in the Great Lakes region




We are working collaboratively with Native communities in the Great Lakes basin to promote philosophies of stewardship regarding water. We hope to facilitate a new ethic and broadly based, popular approach to watershed management leading to improved water quality.


The continuing public problems associated with contaminated water, increased demand and shrinking supply, as well as increased efforts to privatize water supplies has prompted these efforts. Everyone is being affected by problems of water quality and shortcomings in the water infrastructure.


We have reached out to various Native and non-Native communities, doing needs assesments, holding forums, and developing projects in community based research and education. We have participated in and contributed to regional conferences and publications on indigenous water concerns.


Our projects are still evolving, however, the relationship between Cornell University and the Native Nations of New York is on considerably better footing than in the recent past.

Submitted by: 

  • Richardson, Troy A

Researchers involved: 

  • Giesler, Charles
  • Mt. Plesant, Jane
  • Porter, keith
  • Schwartzbach, Neil

Organizations involved: 

  • Cayuga Nation
  • Haudenasaunee Environmental Task Force

International focus: 

  • Canada
  • United States of America

United States focus: 

  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Wisconsin