Our Farms, Our Stories




Through interviews with farmers and agricultural service providers, and other community and economic development organizations, The Our Farms, Our Stories Project sought to better understand and communicate the needs and opportunities of Tioga County's farms and farmers, particularly in the context of broader community and economic develompent.


Tioga County CCE was interested in better understanding the full diversity of its agricultural industry, Cornell researchers are interested in understanding the range of ways local food producers contribute to the triple bottom line of communities. By understanding these issues, communities are better positioned to strengthen and maximize the positive ways the agricultural industry contributes to community health and well-being.


These issues were studied through qualitative interviews and quantitative data surveys, and the analysis thereof, by four student interns funded through Engaged Cornell. The results of this research are now being used to promote understanding of Tioga County agriculture, as well as address challenges and create opportunities for Tioga County farmers via a report, farmer profiles, and film. See: http://tioga.cce.cornell.edu/agriculture/our-farms-our-stories.


More to come as all of this was just completed; however CCE Tioga is sharing with the Tioga County legislator, other partners, and reaching out to NYS Agriculture in the Classroom, to see if they would like to use the film in classes throughout NYS.

Submitted by: 

  • Rangarajan, Anusuya

Researchers involved: 

  • Mouilleseaux-Kunzman , Heidi
  • Schmit, Todd M
  • Rangarajan, Anusuya
  • Sonken, Lori
  • Fagan, Andrew
  • Neal, Barbara

International focus: 

  • United States of America

United States focus: 

  • New York

New York State focus: 

  • Tioga