IPM In-depth Workshops for Christmas Tree Growers




Hands-on IPM workshops for Christmas tree growers were held around the state in 2016. Some were held on farm, one at a nursery and one at a CCE office. There were approximately 80 participants.


Christmas tree growers are interested in learning integrated pest management practices for controlling diseases and insects.


Christmas tree IPM In-depth meetings were presented in Orange County, Onondaga County, Livingston County , and Suffolk


• Christmas tree In-depth programs
o Evaluation results from 4 programs (37 surveys returned)
o 25 had participated in previous programs and 21 had made changes on farm based on attendance.
o Changes on farms included timing of pesticide applications (3), improved monitoring (2), pest id and choice of pesticide
o 30 respondents said they had learned something they intended to use on their farms
o The most common practices they intended to change included pest identification (6), increased monitoring or trapping (4), improved timing of sprays (4), improved spray coverage (2), better pest management (3)

Submitted by: 

  • Lamb, Elizabeth M

Researchers involved: 

  • Lamb, Elizabeth M
  • Eshenaur, Brian C

International focus: 

  • United States of America

United States focus: 

  • New York

New York State focus: 

  • Livingston
  • Onondaga
  • Orange
  • Suffolk