Integrating genetically modified insect-resistant plants into IPM


2006 to 2008


In 2008, we published the first comprehensive book on genetically engineered (GE) insect-resistant plants in IPM, “Integration of insect-resistant, genetically modified crops within IPM programs." This book contains 14 chapters from world leaders addressing the various biological and social issues involved with GE insect-resistant plants. The book’s audiences are scientists and regulators and students who study this area, and it has sold very well.


In 2007 there were 42.1 million ha of insect-resistant GE plants grown worldwide. Despite the tremendous increase in land planted to these crops since they were first planted in 1996, there was no comprehensive book examining the biological and social issues involved with these plants.


In 2008, the book, “Integration of insect-resistant, genetically modified crops within IPM programs”, was published by Springer and rolled out at the 23rd International Congress of Entomology. The editors of the book are J. Romies from Switzerland, A. Shelton from Cornell and G. Kennedy from North Carolina. The 14 chapters were written by a total of 42 authors from 10 countries. The book received an endorsement from Norman Borlaug, Noble Peace Prize Laureate, 1970.


Even prior to its publication, there were over 260 book orders. It has become the fastest selling book in the Springer series. More importantly, it is serving as the primary source of information for regulators, scientists and students interested in finding reliable information on GE insect-resistant plants.

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