Drawing for Disclosure: Modeling the Impacts of Hydraulic Fracking in the Susquehana River Basin




Drilling the Marcellus shale for natural gas extraction consists of many disparate actions by multiple mining companies, including drilling process, leasing and contracts, spills and violations and water withdrawals. Assembling this data in one model can help make transparent the collective or aggregate impacts (positive and negative) of this industry operating in rural Pennsylvania. Many impacts are felt north of the border in New York State.


I became interested in the power of the ban of hydrofracking in NYS and wondered what effects, if any, would cross the state border unregulated.


Much of the work to date has involved gathering information from multiple, scattered sources and compiling all data in spreadsheet form. Several maps and drawings have been created to assemble and communicate the data and findings.


The project is in its early stages, but increasing transparency of information and collective impacts are my main intentions. So far I have started to do this by publishing an article on this research in University of Pennsylvania's online Scenario Journal 05:Extraction.

Submitted by: 

  • Vanucchi, Jamie

Researchers involved: 

  • Vanucchi, Jamie L

International focus: 

  • United States of America

United States focus: 

  • New York
  • Pennsylvania