The Cultuural Triangle, Brooklyn NY




The Cultural Triangle is the most significant cluster of cultural institutions in Brooklyn. These include the Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Brooklyn Library and Prospect Park.


The problem was to create planning and physical design that fosters a stronger relationship among the institutions in the Cultural Triangle. This area serves two very different neighborhoods with significantly different demographic characteristics which includes Park Slope and East New York. The project area is the intersection of important institutions and the surrounding neighborhoods and natural systems such as watersheds, topography and habitat.


The graduate studio in Landscape Architecture generated 24 related but separate scenario designs for the area bracketed by Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Botanic garden and the Brooklyn Museum. The planning and design sponsored "common ground" for the surrounding neighborhoods and related constituency.


The proposals were intended to both support the important cultural institutions of Brooklyn and the constituency of the adjoining neighborhoods and schools. The result were opportunities to serve a broad audience with newly formed public space and place.

Submitted by: 

  • Trowbridge, Peter J

Researchers involved: 

  • Trowbridge, Peter J