Casa della Regina Carolina Project at Pompeii




This project is being developed to bring newly developed methods of garden archaeology to a site excavated at Pompeii in the early 19th century before modern recording methods were developed.


Many gardens at Pompeii were excavated and replanted without full scientific study. With 2.5 million visitors a year, Pompeii seeks to present the best knowledge available about the city. The replanted gardens, while pretty, were not planted based on archaeological evidence. Furthermore, these modern gardens are thought to badly damage or destroy the evidence of ancient gardens.


We are planning to undertake excavations of this garden to bring current excavation techniques to bear to see if the garden is, in fact, destroyed. Our methods, if successful, will enable continued scholarly assessment of the some 640 gardens know in the area buried by Mt. Vesuvius in 79CE.


The project is still in its initial planning and permitting stages.

Submitted by: 

  • Gleason, Kathryn L

Researchers involved: 

  • Gleason, Kathryn L
  • Barrett, Caitlin

International focus: 

  • Italy