Agricultural Commercialization, Displacement, and Urbanization in Ethiopia




The project seeks to understand the determinants and dynamics of rural to urban migration in contemporary Ethiopia.


The increase in the out-migration of displaced farmers and the expansion of the informal sector in the urban areas. The project seeks to map out and explain the causes and consequences of this social and spatial transformation, and is relevant for the communities concerned, governance structures at different scales, and development agencies.


I'm collaborating with a group of researchers in Ethiopia to document and analyze out-migration from the rural areas to the cities, and social, economic and political implications this has. We are now in the process of gathering data for the purposes of analysis.


This research project will have important social, economic and environmental implications for the affected communities in particular, and for development planning in Ethiopia at large.

Submitted by: 

  • Makki, Fouad

Researchers involved: 

  • Hail, Habtu

International focus: 

  • Ethiopia