21 projects

1990 to 2016

Farmers who apply native NY persistent entomopathogenic nematodes to their alfalfa snout beetle infest land are reporting lower insect populations and extended alfalfa stand life

1990 to 2008

The TAg program is an experiential, hands-on training program in integrated pest and crop management for field crop producers and other agribusiness personnel that has been active in New York since 1990.

1990 to 2016

The Caesarea Promontory Palace project began in 1990 as a collaboration with Ehud Netzer of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Barbara Burrell of the University of Cincinnati. This heritage and archaeology project has revealed and preserved the remains of Herod the Great's maritime palace near the artificial harbor he created in the late first century BCE. The Promontory Palace excavations are now in the final stages of study and preparation of the Final Reports.


New York is home to the East’s dominant producer of buckwheat products. While buckwheat production has declined in favor of other grains over the past century, demand remains strong for the whole-foods, ethnic and celiac markets. Even though buckwheat production has a long history, it requires current research and continuous extension for production to remain efficient and for processing to be economical. A new research and extension program has brought Northeast production up to date and has built a community of successful growers.

1990 to 2017

Bacillus subtilis is a ubiquitous, gram-positive soil bacterium. We study its genetic responses to environmental stresses, including exposure to antibiotics, redox active compounds, and metal ion starvation and excess.


Impact Statement 2015

The Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers (CIBT) was established in 1990 with a generous grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Over the last 24 years, over 1500 teachers have benefitted from our workshops and programs. We offer summer and academic year workshops, high quality labs and activities and an equipment lending library, which is funded by NYSTAR.

1989 to 2010

The Cornell Program on Dairy Markets and Policy (CPDMP) educates current and future leaders on the basic economic principles and characteristics relevant to dairy markets and policy. This includes working with members of industry and government agencies and teaching undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, CPDMP provides and interprets market and policy information and assists and advises members of industry and policy makers as they seek to understand or develop dairy policies or new marketing institutions, mechanisms, and practices.

1989 to 2014

We have isolated, tested and field tested three strains of insect-attacking nematodes that are adapted to New York conditions against alfalfa snout beetle. All three strains are effective in killing the insect. A total of 189 fields across northern New York have been inoculated with the nematode to start reducing the alfalfa snout beetle populations, which are frequently one million beetles to the acre.

1988 to 2020

I have had numerous interviews regarding current policy issues (debt, deficits, sequesters, stimulus, etc.) on radio, TV and in print. This has included appearances on local TV and radio as well as newspapers, and also nationally syndicated appearances on TV, radio and in print.

1988 to 2017

This project documents all the archaeologically excavated gardens of the ancient Roman Empire. It summarizes the results of the findings and provides photographs, drawings, and reconstructions of each garden.