10 projects

1985 to 2013

This is a horticulture-based project working on the needs of the dry bean and potato industries in New York.

1984 to 2020

Tree-fruit producers in New York state must increase their efficiency of production to remain competitive. Over the last 20 years, our research and extension project has helped growers increase yields, increase fruit quality and stay competitive in a global market.

1984 to 2020

The overall project deals with the phenomenon of polyploidy (whole genome duplication), which is a major force in the evolution of wild and domesticated plant species.

1983 to 2020

Of the major global biophysical systems, the nitrogen cycle has been altered by human activity more than that of any other element. The impacts on our coastal resources are huge, as evidenced by the degradation of the majority of our coastal ecosystems both in the U.S. and globally. Our research focuses on evaluating the consequences of nitrogen pollution in coastal ecosystems, determining the sources of nitrogen pollution in the landscape and evaluating steps that society can take to alleviate the problem.

1982 to 2008

This research aims to investigate how the auditory system and other time-based senses encode and recognize complex features of natural stimuli.

1980 to 2019

For a number of years we have been developing fungi in the genus Trichoderma for the control of plant diseases. Very recently we have discovered, in large part though the use of genomic techniques, that the fungi have a number of important agricultural, economic and environmental advantages. They colonize plant roots, establish chemical communication with the plants, and cause the plants to wall off the fungi so they do not grow deeply into the plant.

1980 to 2010

Our work over the years have shown that fungi in the genus Trichoderma can effectively control plant diseases. Strains we have developed are used in more than 20 countries. This has generated royalties to Cornell University totaling more than $800,000.

1974 to 2013

We investigate the molecular interactions between protein products of gene expression and the genetic material, especially proteins that determine how the boundaries of gene transcription by the enzyme RNA polymerase are determined.

1970 to 2020

The new disease-resistant Geneva rootstocks have the potential to become the most important apple rootstocks in the world over the next decade. They provide high production efficiency, which will keep U.S. apple growers competitive, but they also provide insurance against devastating loses due to fire blight.

1950 to 2012

This cooperative project provides scientific and technical assistance and training in support of soil survey activities in New York. We investigate new geo-spatial analysis tools for developing and using digital soil survey data, and we explore relationships between land-use practices, soil characteristics and soil processes in agronomic and environmental systems.