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A field crop dealer meeting is held each fall to update dealers, applicators, crop advisors and government agency personnel on current field crop research and to introduce the annual edition of the Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crop Management.
I organized this meeting, including the publication of an abstract booklet, from 1976-90 and from 1996-2006. In addition, I have participated in 38 out of the past 40 years, presenting a total of 77 different weed management topics during the field crop dealer meetings.

1974 to 2013

We investigate the molecular interactions between protein products of gene expression and the genetic material, especially proteins that determine how the boundaries of gene transcription by the enzyme RNA polymerase are determined.

1970 to 2020

The new disease-resistant Geneva rootstocks have the potential to become the most important apple rootstocks in the world over the next decade. They provide high production efficiency, which will keep U.S. apple growers competitive, but they also provide insurance against devastating loses due to fire blight.

1950 to 2012

This cooperative project provides scientific and technical assistance and training in support of soil survey activities in New York. We investigate new geo-spatial analysis tools for developing and using digital soil survey data, and we explore relationships between land-use practices, soil characteristics and soil processes in agronomic and environmental systems.