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Planted stormwater retention and infiltration practices are important for reducing runoff and maximizing green space in urban areas. While a wide variety of herbaceous plants are often successfully used in these spaces ... they can present maintenance issues because of the need to annually cut back dead foliage and stems.
Utilizing woody plants decreases the need for additional seasonal maintenance while successfully adding aesthetic and
functional vegetation to stormwater retention practices.”


Our research group has conceptualized, developed and patented a new, high-pressure extrusion process for generating expanded microcellular food matrices at low temperature and low shear. This has opened up possibilities for creating new generations of foods as well as nonfood materials. The technology also lends itself to continuous manufacturing of leavened dough without yeast fermentation and rice of improved nutritional quality. New developments in reactive supercritical fluid extrusion have produced new directions for research.

2012 to 2018

All lateral organs in plant shoots are derived from shoot meristems, which are discrete populations of stems cells that are self-renewing and organogenic. Likewise, grain yield in maize is dependent upon the formation and maintenance of a variety of shoot meristem structures in the ear inflorescence. Genetic and genomic analyses of meristems will provide additional insight into the mechanisms of shoot meristem function in an important crop plant.


The viticulture and enology steering committee created a quarterly electronic newsletter, Appellation Cornell, to provide in-depth research articles written for laypersons, as well as faculty profiles, student profiles, industry profiles, and brief articles to highlight research, extension, and teaching activities of Cornell's Viticulture and Enology Program to a national and international audience. In its first year, readership comprised 1000 to 1500 online subscribers in 45 states, three Canadian provinces, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Fifty articles were published in 2010.

2008 to 2011

Invasive plants change plant communities and ecosystem function across North America. My work assesses how changes in plant communities and management of invasive plants using biological control affects a wide range of native biota.


Create an Institute devoted to: 1) developing and applying genomic technologies and computational tools to the conservation, evaluation and utilization of genetic resources; 2) providing a place where scientists from both the public and private sectors can come to address genomic diversity issues and receive training and where policy of international germplasm exchange/exploitation can be discussed and formulated, and; 3) serving both the national and world community through the development, application and dissemination of genomics tools and computer technology relevant to world genetic re

2008 to 2011

The primary focus of this project is to support the existing and expanding grape and wine industries in New York and other states east of the Rocky Mountains by increasing the abilities of grape producers and their advisers to manage infectious diseases that limit profitability and preclude sustainable production if not addressed adequately. Additionally, the project has several components that are applicable to the grape industry in the western U.S. and to those in overseas locations.


Intellectual property rights for plants have increased private investment and breeder numbers. This study examines the effect on the quality of wheat germplasm in the state of Washington. Using state variety testing data, the intellectual property rights (IPR) system was found to lead to more productive varieties from both public and private breeders.


The Agricultural Marketing and Management Program Work Team's (PWT) mission is to give New York food and agriculturally related businesses a competitive advantage over the rest of the world by significantly improving marketing knowledge and general management capacities and skills. The PWT is committed to exploring new ways to improve communication and resource sharing between on-campus, off-campus, and external stakeholders to accomplish the mission of the team. As part of these efforts, the PWT sponsors the annual Cornell Strategic Marketing Conference each fall.


Hybrids of native and European grapes are widely planted in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. However, so-called "hybrid" aromas typical of these crosses often compromise the flavor quality of wines from these grapes. Preventing these unpleasant aromas is difficult due to a lack of understanding of optimal growing conditions for these species and the hands-off approach many hybrid grape growers take.