8 projects

2013 to 2015

A method is developed to provide quantitative estimates of elephant population change over relatively short time intervals.


I work on developing communication strategies for the SRI-Rice Center at Cornell University and on implementing knowledge-sharing efforts that serve global communities involved with the system of rice intensification (SRI) and conservation agriculture (CA). Specifically, I design and manage the SRI and CA websites and associated social media, facilitate links among international, national and topical SRI networks, and develop databases and platforms for sharing research related to SRI, CA and related systems of crop intensification.

2009 to 2017

In collaboration with the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), this project has created a scientific panel to support activities that strengthen demographic training in Francophone Africa.


The Elephant Listening Project's mission is to develop techniques that use acoustic signals to monitor the health and structure of large mammal populations in order to further their conservation. In many natural ecosystems, animals can be extremely difficult to observe visually, complicating the process of estimating and tracking changes in population size, health, and the use of habitat. This is particularly true in the remaining tracts of tropical forest around the world.

2007 to 2015

Through training in new research methods, this project helps to improve the research environment at IFORD, a regional demographic training institute in Cameroon.


We research, design, develop, and apply advanced software and hardware tools for monitoring terrestrial and marine wildlife, and use results to assess the potential impacts of human activities on the environment and endangered or threatened species.


This research project is designed to explore the diversity of physiological mechanisms for producing electric organ discharges in fish and to study how they evolved.

1993 to 2007

The book, "Poissons D'eaux Douces et Saumatres de Basse Guinée Ouest de L'Afrique Centrale" Vol 1 and Vol 2 ("The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa") edited by Melanie Stiassny, Guy G. Teugels, and Carl D. Hopkins, is the first major book on the fresh water fishes of Lower Guinea, Western Central Africa since 1909. It is a two-volume treatise with 1,400 pages in French and English, with 38 authors.