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Cornell NutritionWorks, at www.nutritionworks.cornell.edu, is an interactive, continuing professional education program for nutrition and health practitioners developed by the Division of Nutritional Sciences. One offering is a six-week, in-depth online course, "Preventing Childhood Obesity: An Ecological Approach." Evaluation results show the course leads to improved knowledge, skills, and confidence in addressing childhood obesity immediately following the course, with application of that knowledge and skills six months later.


eClips is a digital database of 10,000 clips and more than 40 podcasts, focused on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership. The material is based on hundreds of in-depth interviews as well as business presentations. eClips makes it possible for business people (including small business owners and entrepreneurs), educators, and students to find targeted and focused information, because it is organized by entrepreneur, company, demographics, topics, and keywords.

2005 to 2018

Populations of the invasive gypsy moth can outbreak and defoliate large areas of oak forest in spring. A host-specific fungal pathogen attacking gypsy moth in North America since 1989 (Entomophaga maimaiga) can provide excellent control of populations of this forest defoliator, which can range from low to outbreak densities that cause complete defoliation in late spring. In recent years, naturally occurring control of gypsy moth populations due to this fungal pathogen has been failing in localized areas.

1988 to 2017

This project documents all the archaeologically excavated gardens of the ancient Roman Empire. It summarizes the results of the findings and provides photographs, drawings, and reconstructions of each garden.