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eClips is a digital database of 10,000 clips and more than 40 podcasts, focused on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership. The material is based on hundreds of in-depth interviews as well as business presentations. eClips makes it possible for business people (including small business owners and entrepreneurs), educators, and students to find targeted and focused information, because it is organized by entrepreneur, company, demographics, topics, and keywords.


Our consensus paper in Science projected that coral reefs will be unable to grow calcareous skeletons within the next 50 years due to rising carbon dioxide (acidification). Our research paper in PLoS Biology showed for the first time that increases in infectious coral disease can be driven by climate warming. This economically important ecosystem will be destroyed by a combination of warming and acidification in the next few decades.

1984 to 2020

The overall project deals with the phenomenon of polyploidy (whole genome duplication), which is a major force in the evolution of wild and domesticated plant species.