Mobilizing against inequality: unions, immigrant workers and the crisis of capitalism


2011 to 2012


We are currently writing this book, based on the findings and analysis of the project originally called "Unions and the integration of immigrant workers" (see separate impact item). The book will present evidence from four countries, together with a cross-national comparative analysis and policy recommendations. We are also developing a companion website.


We brought together case-study researchers from four countries, along with trade union commentators from each country, at a two-day workshop in Frankfurt, Germany, in November 2011. Findings were rich and discussions intense, and as a result we decided to produce a book, as well as a website/blog for promotion, links and updating to make this a "living" project. We are doing this because we believe we have important findings and policy recommendations to guide the integration of immigrant workers in the global North as well as to encourage innovative strategies on the part of unions, NGOs and governments.


We have chosen three co-editors for the book - Lee Adler, Maite Tapia and myself - along with five additional co-authors: Gabriella Alberti, Dan Cornfield, Mike Fichter, Janice Fine and Jane Holgate. We have prepared a book proposal and received favorable response from ILR Press/Cornell University Press. Most of the chapters are now ready in first draft form; we are on schedule for a manuscript submission by October 2012.


Already, our November workshop brought together innovative union leaders from the US, UK, Germany and France, to compare progress and exchange ideas in the development of innovative, contemporary strategy toward the inclusion of immigrant workers. Common networks of exchange now exist where they did not before. We expect the book and companion website to provide extension dissimenation of our findings for policy makers and union strategists.

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