2011 to 2012


ediONLINE is a fee for service webinar program. Beginning with the benefits planning certificate series, ediONLINE has been unified and includes fee for service webinars completed by the transition and CDI teams within EDI.


This program was born of necessity but has become the premiere and only existing certification program for benefits planning that is not funded specifically by SSA. It is the only training resource for non SSA funded planners. The program has become larger with each semester and during this reporting period has seen its two largest classes in its history. Total funding brought in by the benefits planning series is close to $100,000. I will not address the transition and CDI sessions as I am not directly involved and cannot take responsibility for these.


During the past year we have brought all ediONLINE courses under the same banner and under my coordination in order to help ease the work flow, keep all parties informed and allow the web team a smoother work flow. ediONLINE now covers all fee for service webinars produced by EDI.
Specifically concerning the benefits planning series, Ed Lopez, Gloria Loehle and Mike Ward all make up the team responsible for this successful endeavor. We have completely revamped the curriculum and expanded to 17 webinars rather than 15. We have brought Thomas Golden back in the fold and he will be teaching four sessions. The extensive manual has been completely rewritten, reorganized and updated for 2012. Our certification process is now based upon an on line examination that was scientifically created in partnership with Vangent. This is the only certification examination of its type in existence. I am extremely proud of this exam and spent many months during the reporting period and before ensuring its success.


Our benefits planning series has national recognition as one of the premiere training programs in existence and draws individuals from across the entire country. This resulted in the creation of the U of HI partnership and has recently resulted in an agreement with Virginia VR to send 10 - 15 staff members thru the series each semester. This almost guarantees the series continuation.

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