139 projects

2013 to 2018

The sensory representation of the external chemical world in the brain is a translation of chemical features into patterns of brain activity. It is the nature these patterns—how that are established by stimulant patterns, how they vary in a population, and ultimately how they interact with other brain functions, e.g. emotions (joy) or behavior (buying wine)—that is the object of our research. We study aroma perception in order to provide information about food composition to producers that will allow them to produce likable, healthy and more profitable products.

2012 to 2014

The overarching goal of this project is to enhance farm labor stability by engaging workers and employers in a joint exploration of opportunities for advancement and retention. The objectives are: 1) to engage farmworkers in analyzing their current labor situation and potential retention strategies through focus groups;
2) to facilitate discussions with farmers and farm managers about the challenges and opportunities for retaining workers;

2012 to 2015

This project leverages YardMap, a social network for people interested in urban backyard habitat, by working with groups of neighboring property owners to manage their individual properties based on common, consensus-based goals. This project will develop outreach, community-based strategies, and community planning and design methods and tools by working with three communities in New York state to develop schematic plans that seek to enhance the condition of urban habitats on properties of participating landowners for neighborhood-scale benefits.


President Barak Obama’s creation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program provides a desperately needed opportunity to obtain employment authorization and protection against deportation for many people in our area. This effort centered on providing information to immigrant workers about DACA requirements and connecting them with high quality, free legal advice and representation offered through the Cornell DREAMer Pro Bono Project.


We are studying the patterns of attack by insect herbivores on plants in order to both more fully understand why some plants are vulnerable to herbivory and to use our understanding to manipulate such interactions in pest control. The work involves field biology, chemical ecology, genetics and entomology. We study the interactions between plants and their pests and strongly believe in the synergy between basic and applied work.


EDI sponsors students to undertake summer service learning internships in South Africa, India (and in 2012, Israel). As part of this program students spend 6 weeks abroad contributing to the work of one or more disability-focused NGO, and at the same time learning about service, and civic responsibility.


Graduate students in the Department of Landscape Architecture were engaged in the adaptive re-use of a former Brooklyn industrial site for both neighborhood and regional recreational use. The project was engaged through the office of Michael VanValkenburg Associates, which was contracted to execute the project.

2011 to 2016

This project strives to improve food availability, nutrition and health in eastern India and Africa while providing opportunities for diversification of income and consequent economic and social advancement of the rural poor and women in particular.
The project aims to strengthen both the agricultural education and extension systems in these institutions by addressing cross-cutting areas, including governance, gender and equity, innovative education programs, and modern information and communication technology.

2011 to 2013

Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC is co-leading a 2.5 year national project that involves approximately 60 schools in 4 States in a randomized controlled trial examining effects of school gardens on fruit and vegetable consumption and other outcomes.

2011 to 2012

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences annually organizes teaching workshops to provide new ideas for faculty members to enhance the learning experiences of students as they prepare to become leaders in society.